The Future Of Aging

Broadcaster: Wired
Format: 4 x 5’

Director: Ross Bolidai
Producer: Matt Diegan

"Imagine a world, where you live to an old age, over 100 years old, but you are healthy all the time, you are doing fun things, and you are spending time with your family, and one day you don't wake up. Wouldn't it be wonderful for the individual, for the families, for the economy, for everyone?".

In this four-part documentary series, we delve into the future of ageing; why are certain people able to live longer than others? What makes centenarians unique? How are they able to reach the age that they have? Taking in expert analysis and insights from Dr. Nir Barzilai, Director of the Institute for Ageing Research at the Albert Einstein College of Medicine, this series aims to explore the science behind longevity genes and what this research could mean for the future of humankind.


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