Bollywood’s Bad Habit

Platform: Vice
Format: 1 x 20’

Director: Ross Bolidai
Producer: Khaled Gad 

Bollywood’s Bad Habit is the story of British Indian actor Ateesh Randev. Typecast in the UK, Ateesh leaves for Bollywood and finds success staring alongside legendary chain-smoking villain Ranjeet. But the industry has a dirty secret, each year more and more hero characters smoke.

When faced with an audition that could establish him as the next Bollywood hero and discovering he’s been written into a smoking role, Ateesh goes on a journey with Ranjeet to find out if Bollywood can quit smoking.


Director: Ross Bolidai
Producer: Khaled Gad
Researcher: Juliet Parker

Executive Producers: Xavier Aaronson,  Lea Jensen, Jesper Jack, Nicky Refsing
Project Manager: Andrew Bridge

Director of Photography: Luciana Riso
Sound Recordist: Tom Osborn

Post Producer for: Giusy Naitana
Editor: Dennis Mabry
Colour: Carl Thomson at Molinaire

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